HoCH is a project management consulting and training firm. We provide executives, project and business leaders with the guidance and expertise needed to execute your Corporate systems and process initiatives.

As a customer-oriented company, we believe in tailoring our services to meet your specific and unique business requirements, providing results-oriented solutions based on industry best practices that leverage on the latest technology to enhance organisational performance and effectiveness.


We are committed to contribute to your success by partnering with you to deliver project management services and training that are tailored to your needs.

Through effective adoption of project management techniques and processes, we strive to add value to your business by providing practical, cost effective solutions and training services to improve your operational efficiencies, reduce operating costs to enable your business to be more agile and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


Our company, consultants and the work we undertake are all characterised by 6 core values and these form an integral part of our Corporate identity:

Integrity : We approach our work in a fact-based and objective manner.

Responsibility : We are bounded by our duty to contribute personally and professionally.

Excellence : Value and quality delivery of solutions beyond client expectations.

Knowledge : Our advisory work is based upon practical knowledge acquired through our own experience as well as through that of other consultants and practitioners.

Ethical Conduct : Conduct ourselves in an ethical and transparent manner. We create a balanced, motivating and rewarding environment for our affiliate consultants. We engage our clients with fairness and never compromising on the confidentiality of client’s information.

Respect : Our advisory work and personal behavior are governed by respect for our corporate clients.

Our Unified Planning framework is based on a practical and adaptive approach to project management from business case development through solution delivery.


By working onsite at your premises, we integrate seamlessly into your teams and help to break down functional silos, incorporating our deep industry experience with customised project management processes and tools to accomplish your strategic goals.


As a small but agile consulting business we carry extremely low overheads and thus our rates are very competitive. Our rates are far lower than any Big 4 consultancy or major software vendor so you can get the best value out of your capital investments and optimise the Return On Investment.


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