Manage Change Effectively

Change is inevitable and this could be due to a merger, an acquisition, organisational restructuring, upsizing, downsizing or the introduction of new systems, platforms, structures and processes. All such changes can usher in a whole host of unwelcome and unavoidable side effects that can potentially lower employee productivity and morale.


HoCH Solutions can provide you with the guidance to prepare for any organisational change. We will help you anticipate risks and address human factors in developing an effective change management strategy and execution plan.

How It Works

We help our clients to manage the change associated with systems implementation or process change management initiatives. We integrate professional project management with change management best practices to mitigate risks and affect positive change.

Our organisational change management framework is a 4-step process:​

  • Change Impact Analysis – We will start by engaging with your teams to assess impacts to existing business processes, changes in functional roles and responsibilities, segregation of duties and identify necessary changes in user behaviour.
  • Change Readiness Assessment – We offer various tools and resources to gauge your organization’s readiness for change and risks associated with it. Information on attitudes and behaviors gathered during stakeholder interviews and surveys allows us to collectively identify areas of concern and resistance you are likely to encounter during your change implementation.
  • Change Management Execution Plan – Our execution plan is premised on risk mitigation and human factors that affect adoption. For each area of concern identified in the Change Readiness Assessment, we will work with your organisation adoption teams to develop specific action plans to address these risks and adoption-related change management issues.
  • Change Monitoring & Controlling – In the last stage, we will guide you in the validation of change implementation. To monitor change progress, HoCH can help you perform regular post-implementation reviews of the change initiatives identified in the Change.

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