Coaching as a value-added service

We act as mentor and engage closely with your project staff to guide them on how to implement project management best practices in an efficient and effective manner as they develop their project managements skills. Our experienced consultant can also support you in addressing specific challenges of your projects.


Through the mentorship program, your project personnel will be guided on how to effectively implement industry best practices and tools and reinforce existing project teams to support various project activities. Having a coach and mentor to work with greatly increases performance while ensuring the successful execution of projects.

Scope of Coaching Services

As Project management mentors, we actively participate in your projects to ensure best practices and standards are being adopted and help facilitate a seamless transition when implementing new business processes, practices, and templates.

Coaching covers individuals (e.g. project owners, project managers) as well as teams (e.g. project teams, project portfolio groups). Here’s how HoCH can help:​

  • Coach your staff in project management process best practices and methodologies.
  • Pilot a new initiative working side-by-side with project staff to apply standard project management practices in a consistent manner.
  • Review the status of projects and make recommendations for improved execution through the coaching process.
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategies for projects that could cause adverse impacts to the deployment.
  • Identify and discuss project issues in a timely manner and assist project staff in taking appropriate remedy actions.
  • Reinforce recent training to ensure concepts from the classroom are applied in real world situations.
  • Fill in for an extended period of time during which the project staff is unavailable or unplanned absence.

Coaching Enhances Your Project Success Rates

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