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We assist our clients in the conceptualisation, design, deployment and maintenance of a project management office that is customised to fit your organisational culture and level of project management maturity. PMOs drive the standardisation of project activities in order to achieve synergies and seamless reporting across your entire project portfolio ecosystem. This will ultimately enable the transformation of your project management into a centre of excellence via collaboration, knowledge sharing and best practices.


At HoCH Solutions, we have the industry experience and expertise to assist you in building a Project Management Office. Whether your organisation is considering setting up a PMO internally or exploring the outsourcing of PMO via an external support model, HoCH can help transform your project management competencies to the next level and achieve competitive advantage.

How It Works

At HoCH Solutions, we adopt a 4-step approach to support your organisation in setting up a PMO.

  • Step 1 : Current State Analysis – Our first step in deploying a PMO is working with you to analyse the existing project management processes, tools, methodologies, project organisational structures and roles and responsibilities.
  • A complete list of prioritised current and future projects will be established. Your key stakeholders will also be engaged to identify goals and requirements of the PMO.
  • Based on all the analyses, we will provide further guidance to determine the Project Management maturity of your organisation and derive recommendations for action including immediate measures.
  • Step 2 : PMO Design – We will define the PMO’s areas of responsibilities, PMO functions and key competencies.
  • Key stakeholders will be consulted to formulate a set of practical and actionable directives.
  • Based on the agreed PMO’s areas of responsibilities, the training plan, resource plan as well as IT infrastructure requirements will be developed.
  • Step 3 : PMO Deployment – This may entail a Pilot rollout of the project management processes and methodologies, depending on your level of business and technical readiness.
  • Ongoing communications, incorporating organizational change management are both critical success factors to the deployment of PMO.
  • PMO Performance will be closely monitored and progress reviews will be conducted regularly.
  • Step 4 : PMO Maintenance – This is the post-implementation phase where the PMO is in regular operations mode. We will work closely with you to ensure a seamless handover 30 days after the PMO Go Live date to help resolve any issues that may disrupt your PMO operations.
  • In addition to PMO deployment service, HoCH also offers other alternatives relating to PMO :
    1. Improving an existing PMO
    2. Outsourcing your PMO via managed services either for a fixed period of time or for an indefinite time period
    3. Enhancing your PMO with staff training, coaching, audits, assessments, etc


The 4 Phases of PMO Set Up

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